Vungle acquires mobile ad marketing intelligence platform AlgoLift

Vungle Mobile ad network and in-app monetization platform, Vungle, has acquired AlgoLift, an LTV-powered user acquisition automation platform for mobile advertisers. The acquisition adds AlgoLift’s algorithms and optimization technology to Vungle’s global advertising network to give advertisers actionable intelligence to optimize performance metrics such as Lifetime Value (LTV) and Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

Additionally, AlgoLift’s probabilistic approach to campaign attribution gives Vungle a privacy-friendly way to target and optimize ad campaigns in compliance with pending iOS-related changes to IDFA.

AlgoLift is the automated ROAS optimization engine for gaming and non-gaming app developers such as Jam City, Take-Two Interactive, Digit and Headspace. Using AlgoLift’s predictive LTV modeling and automation tools, customers are able to scale user acquisition spend significantly while increasing ROAS by up to 150%.

The combined offering will provide advertisers with an automated solution using contextual data to buy against their downstream metrics.

vungleThe combined offering will enable Vungle to deliver machine-advanced automation technology and contextual-level targeting recommendations to help global advertisers scale campaigns, improve real-time optimization and streamline workload. We are looking forward to integrating AlgoLift’s technology into our products to offer clients an automated, privacy-centric solution to buy against metrics such as ROAS.

Martin Price, VP, Product, Vungle