Uberall offers Near Me Ads for multi-location businesses with Google

uberall Software provider, Uberall, has launched Near Me Ads in the UK, making large-scale, local online advertising possible for each one of a multi-location business’s outlets, worldwide. Google Ads is now integrated with Uberall’s platform – which provides brands with a centralised view over all the online touchpoints that a consumer has with their physical locations, enabling them to create brand experiences at a local level.

With the launch, companies can create local ads and publish them for multiple outlets, all at once, on Google Search, Google Maps, Facebook, and Instagram. The complexity of local ad campaign management for multiple locations is dramatically reduced by giving businesses full control to set up specific local ads and campaigns for each location, from one central control – simultaneously displaying ads with local relevance for numerous locations.

Companies can also now ensure that their locations rank first in Near Me searches on Google and Google Maps and specifically lead customers with a high inclination to buy, to their front door. Additionally, ads can be tailored to fit the needs of a particular business, whether it’s Call Ads to drive phone enquiries, Direction Ads to drive customers to locations, or Website Clicks Ads to drive customers to a landing page.

No matter which type – or combination of types – of Near Me Ads used by a business, all are connected to their Google My Business profiles, which display key information like opening hours, and provide an easy way to call, navigate to, or visit the website of a business.

Uberall has intensified its partnership with Google by combining the power of local online search with online advertising on Google. Initial testing among Uberall’s clients, collectively boasting one million different locations, showed conversion rates of more than 12% over a period of several months.

UberallThe power of Near Me is impressive. It’s estimated that one of every two Google searches conducted today is a ‘Near Me’ search, and leads to an offline purchase 30% of the time. ‘Near Me’ Ads put your business at the top of the list, and when local ads appear at the right time and in the right place, businesses can achieve extremely high conversion rates, reaching consumers who are ready to buy, here and now.

Florian Hübner, co-founder and CEO, Uberall