Uberall: 80% of consumers report a positive chatbot experience

A new Uberall study of more than 1,000 US adults has polled views on chatbots.  It found a growing acceptance of branded chatbot experiences with 40% saying that they were interested and 20% of those saying they were very interested in interacting with a chatbot. However, 30% of consumers had a tepid response, saying they were somewhat uninterested, 29% indicated no interest at all.

  • Despite general ambivalence, 80% indicated that the experience was generally positive with 14%  saying “very positive.” Just 16% said that their experience was “somewhat negative” while only 4% reported a “very negative” experience.
  • 36% think chatbot accuracy needs to improve. When asked what elements of chatbots needed improvement, 43% of respondents said chatbots need to work on their accuracy in understanding what customers are asking or looking for.  Other areas cited for improvement included the ability of customers to get “a human customer rep involved where needed” (27%), “ability to hold a more ‘human’-sounding, natural conversation” (19%) and “I’d like to see more of them b/c there just aren’t many opportunities to use chatbots” (10%).
  • Chatbots with a local connection are interesting to customers the survey found. When consumers were asked how likely they would be to try a chatbot that offers location-based coupons, deals or promotions from brick-and-mortar retailers nearby. More than half (55%) said that they were likely to try a chatbot that offers local deals and coupons with shops   (45% sayinying they were unlikely to do so).

Using chatbots to deliver savings and sell consumers on the technology is a no-brainer. Customer service interactions can often be seen as pushy or self-serving, but offering a coupon experience can help customers to feel like they are benefitting from the interaction, and can open the way to more positive engagement with that customer.

Florian Huebner, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Uberall