82% of mobile shoppers are doing ‘near me’ searches

According to Google, mobile “near me” searches – localized mobile searches for brands and products close by – have increased by 200%.  Location marketing firm, Uberall, has released the results of its first annual Near Me Shopping Report to examine what the increase in near me searches means for consumers.  The study found that:

  • Nearly 70% use their smartphone to help them shop; researching products (63%); price comparison (62%); search for coupons or deals (56%); check for store hours (54%); find nearby store locations (52%).
  • 82% of shoppers have done a ‘near me’ search rising to 92% among millennials.
  • Food ‘near me’ searches are most typical, with 84% followed by entertainment (56%); banking (50%); apparel (41%); and personal care (38%).
  • 60% say they click what they see first in the search results

With huge growth in ‘near me,’ brands and marketers need to adapt to this new front door. Searches are becoming more proximity and location-based. And what has been true for general organic search holds true for local search — whoever shows up first and in the top set of results will win the day. So, it’s important to optimize local presences online to meet that shift and deliver against demand.

Josha Benner, CRO and co-founder of Uberall