ToucanText is a leading SMS software and service provider, offering a global Tier 1 network connection, developer-friendly SMS APIs, asynchronous code, virtual numbers and shortcodes, flash SMS and a powerful integration and automation engine.

Based in Poole, UK, the team behind ToucanText has been building SMS platforms, products and solutions since 1999. They have a wealth of experience and fully understand the demands of modern-day businesses.

ToucanText’s SMS software and services (SMS API, SMS Automation, SMS Online, Email to SMS Gateway) are used in a wide variety of industries, helping organisations to improve their communication with customers, suppliers and employees, whether they need to send bulk SMS, issue high priority alerts, distribute customer surveys or provide 2FA.

Businesses can send SMS with low latency and high delivery rates, adhering to local rules using a global compliance engine that removes complex global carrier regulations. ToucanText’s global network enables businesses to connect to over 7 billion people across 195 countries via 1600 direct-to-carrier and Tier 1 connections.