Tapjoy: Mobile games go mainstream enabling brands to reach every demographic in the US

Consumers from every walk of life play mobile games: young and old, male and female, urban and rural. They play mobile games several times a day, for many hours a week. A vast majority (87%) have been playing mobile games for more than two years.

Mobile games have in fact become so ingrained into our daily lives that most consumers (69%) say they would rather give up social networking or television than mobile gaming, according to new research in the Modern Mobile Gamer Personas 2019 report, published today from Tapjoy the Maximum Impact Platform™ for mobile advertisers and app developers.

The rise of mobile gaming among U.S. audiences has created a wealth of opportunities for brands and advertisers looking to reach just about any demographic.

  • 41% of mobile gamers pay attention to ads in mobile games than traditional ad placements on the Internet (17%), in magazines (15%), on billboards (15%) or other mediums.
  • Consumers tend to view most forms of digital advertising as annoying and intrusive, whereas those who play mobile games understand the role ads play in allowing games to be free with 72% saying they like interacting with ads in exchange for in-app currency or premium content.
  • 60% of people who play mobile games now openly identify as a “gamer,” up 27% from Tapjoy’s previous survey in September 2016.

Mobile games might just be the most ubiquitous form of entertainment in the world today. People from every demographic and every region are playing games on their smartphones and tablets, and they’re playing them a lot. The good news for brands is that mobile games make consumers very focused, relaxed and engaged, putting them in a frame of mind that makes them more receptive to advertising messages than any other medium.

Emily McInerney, Vice President of Marketing, Tapjoy

The report features research conducted with 18,442 respondents in the U.S. ages 18 and above, from surveys conducted in February and March, 2019.  Download it here.

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