Taboola launches SmartBid Dimensions to sharpen ad targeting and automation with AI

Recommendation engine, Taboola, has updated SmartBid and renamed the AI-powered ad technology, SmartBid Dimensions.

Introduced in 2018, SmartBid uses readership pattern data from global campaigns that reach more than 500 million daily active users and deep learning algorithms to adjust advertisers’ bids, to drive actions an advertiser wants to accomplish. In Q3 2021, 85 percent of total advertising spend on Taboola tapped SmartBid.

As of today, Taboola is taking a meaningful step forward with SmartBid Dimensions, a new way to utilise granular data and fully automate the process for advertisers. The technology uses AI to go beyond publisher performance to change the price of each bid, and instead look at dozens of granular dimensions advertisers care about.

With SmartBid Dimensions, advertisers can for the first time couple contextual data such as demographic data with more user dimensions on readers’ data points that have been previously inaccessible to advertisers before. These data points uniquely connect content, consumers and interests, and are sourced from Taboola’s 500 million daily active users and 30 billion annual clicks.

It is so important to help advertisers succeed because advertiser success is directly correlated to publishers success and it keeps the open web thriving. SmartBid is one of the most sophisticated AI technologies in the world, now providing advertisers an autonomous autopilot-like experience, where they can keep their hand on the wheel, but let the car drive on its own.

Adam Singolda, CEO and founder, Taboola