Case Study: Lily’s Kitchen reaches over 1.1 million pet lovers with Taboola High Impact

Quick Stats

– 1.1 million+ Completed Video Views in 8 Months

– 9% Increase in Visible Click-Through Rate (vCTR)

– 14% Increase in Completion Rate

Lily’s Kitchen produces wholesome natural food for cats and dogs. Using premium ingredients, such as proper meat and vegetables, it enables pet owners to give their beloved companions complete, balanced diets. As a certified B Corp, Lily’s Kitchen is committed to being a force for good, improving the lives of cats and dogs, as well as keeping People, Pets and Planet at the heart of its recipe for ethical business.

In 2021, Lily’s Kitchen was looking for innovative ways to reach audiences looking for healthy pet food in the UK. Its previous marketing strategies focused on search and social, but the pet food business now aimed to boost brand awareness and scale its audience beyond these channels.

For the launch of its pet-centric video campaign in January, Lily’s Kitchen tapped Taboola, a recommendation platform for the open web that helps people discover things they may like, to achieve its objectives.

Premium ad placements: an essential ingredient

Developed specifically to fuel brand awareness for brand marketers and agencies, Taboola High Impact allowed Lily’s Kitchen to leverage premium ad formats, placements and environments to enhance the impact of its video campaign. With access to the world’s best and most trusted publisher sites via Taboola, the business was able to deliver ads in exclusive, premium placements such as mid-article or at the top of Taboola Feed — a streamlined user interface which engages consumers by utilising the familiar, social-network scrolling experience for webpage content.

Lily’s Kitchen experimented with a range of ad lengths, including 15, 30 and 40-second video creatives, working with Taboola’s account management team to optimise campaign performance and ensure ads were delivered to optimal placements.

As a result, Lily’s Kitchen achieved 1,167,648 completed video views in the first eight months of the campaign. Using Taboola High Impact, the pet food business increased vCTR by 9% between February and April 2021. Its video completion rate also grew by 14% between April and August. Lily’s Kitchen intends to deepen its relationship with Taboola to deploy full-funnel campaigns across the UK.

Lily’s Kitchen is always looking for new and innovative ways to reach new audiences at scale, to connect more pet lovers with wholesome food for happy, healthy cats and dogs. Taboola High Impact allowed us to reach new audiences outside of search and social channels, using premium placements that put our proper food for pets front and centre for our intended audience.

Kelly Boness, Digital Acquisition Manager, Lily’s Kitchen