TabMo: 74% of UK shoppers will return to their favourite stores

tabmo Mobile advertising company, TabMo, has launched its research study into the UK’s shopping habits. It found that 74% of UK shoppers intend to return to shopping at the stores they frequently visited before lockdown – the bulk of which will do so within four weeks of the Government deeming it safe to do so.

TabMo’s research also indicates a trend toward e-commerce and whilst it is likely that online shopping will be a permanent behavioural change, physical stores will still be an essential part of the shopping experience, albeit less social, with a focus on buying not browsing.

UK Shopping Habits Before, During and After the Coronavirus Lockdown covers nine retail sectors. Other key findings include:

70% of people continued to shop in-store during lockdown.

Health, Beauty & Cosmetics
73% of people who previously visited these outlets are set to return to them in person.

Fast Food
60% of men (aged 18-34) who visited fast-food restaurants regularly pre-pandemic switched to online ordering during lockdown; this compares to 34% of females.

Coffee Shops
72% of pre-lockdown café visitors are likely to return to these outlets in person, with 79% of these likely to do so within a month of it being safe.

DIY / Homeware Stores
After supermarkets, this sector had the highest in-store visitation rate during lockdown (potentially as it was one of the first to reopen). However, 27% of frequent visitors took their business online, while 42% not visiting at all.

Department Stores
Before lockdown, parents were more likely to visit department stores than people without children. This sector had a low uptake of online visits during lockdown, but can expect to see 94% of footfall returning by the end of September.

Fashion Retailers
Pre-lockdown, 50% of people visited fashion stores in person, despite the ease of buying online, with the majority of frequent visitors shopping in person in store at least three times a month.

Car Showrooms
With infrequent high ticket, purchases, this sector saw the lowest churn from offline to online, indicating the importance of getting the post-lockdown in-store experience right. People often travelled to showrooms using pushbikes.

Luxury Fashion, Jewellery & Accessory Boutiques
68% of people visiting these stores before lockdown did so at least once a month. During lockdown, females were more likely to shop online, while males preferred the in-store experience where possible.

Download the report here.