Mobile Industry Eye is insight-led. That means we try to specialise in the delivery of news based on industry reports, research and white papers – a container for the critical insights for any brand or company that uses mobile technology to operate its business.

We encourage you to send us your press releases, tips and so on. We review everything and whilst there are no guarantees of coverage it’s worth remembering that it’s quality that we are after.  We like press releases that are short, well-written and if possible, include a brand-side quote. Press releases that are based on 100 respondents via Survey Monkey probably won’t cut the mustard.

It’s also worth remembering that our news style is designed to be a concise droplet of information that can be read and understood in moments.  For this reason we don’t do long-winded stories, rather we focus on the facts according to a particular short-form anatomy:

  1. The headline.
  2. A couple of paragraphs minus buzzwords.
  3. Three or four bullet points that show the most interesting statistics.
  4. A quote that intelligently discusses the meaning of the news in a few clean sentences.
  5. If the news is about a particular study or piece of research then we include a few sentences that outline your methodology.
  6. We include links.
  7. That’s it!



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