Smart integrates with Oracle Contextual Intelligence to strengthen brand safety options

Adtech platform, Smart, has integrated with Oracle Contextual Intelligence to provide real-time content review and pre-bid classification within the Smart platform. The solution helps advertisers, agencies and publishers to ensure inventory quality and avoid unsafe content across industry-standard brand safety categories.

The integration is a logical addition to Smart’s existing brand safety and inventory quality solutions. Based on adaptive machine learning, the Oracle Contextual Intelligence technology evaluates the full context of the page and creates brand safety segments that can be activated by both media buyers and sellers, directly within Smart’s advertising platform. This pre-bid exclusion of negative content and terms helps ensure the distribution of ad campaigns in positive environments and enhances brand protection.

The brand safety packages – including categories such as Crime, Drugs, Hate Speech or Obscenity – are available natively to publishers in Smart’s adserver and SSP platform. Publishers can activate them directly from the UI for their direct campaigns and programmatic deals, and can be targeted by buyers in Auction packages or via Smart Buyer for Connect. Both benefit from a market leading and industry trusted brand safety solution for all their programmatic deals and direct campaigns.

Ensuring the quality of our ad inventory – from eradicating malicious threats and fighting fraud, to protecting brand-safety – is part of Smart’s commitment to a better advertising landscape. We’re very happy to collaborate with Oracle, a trusted partner with brand safety tools that are widely recognized in the market and perfectly complement our offerings – including Smart’s proprietary semantic contextual targeting solution – and help us to increase ad performance and protect advertisers.

Jean-Christophe Peube, SVP, Analytics & Customer Experience, Smart