Smart AdServer launches its curation platform

Ad tech platform, Smart AdServer has launched its curation platform, a tool that curates deals for the digital advertising supply chain by streamlining programmatic advertising within the fragmented ecosystem. The platform provides media buyers with access to differentiated ad inventory and new media solutions –  bringing supply and demand closer together.

In response to increased demand, and in a bid to improve supply chain transparency, the platform allows curators to pre-filter the most effective inventory for buyers from Smart’s SSP, creating a custom marketplace of premium inventory sources, layered with additional value such as audience data, contextual insights or vertical expertise.

Media owners and data owners can maximise their first-party data assets within the curation platform to generate greater revenue opportunities and extend audience reach.

On the buy-side, media agencies and those managing the supply partners for advertisers, benefit from improved performance, optimisation of media spend, and a pre-filtered, quality inventory selection within the DSP of their choice.

Whether it’s a publisher, an agency, or an intermediary – our platform combines premium supply, privacy-compliant identity solutions, performance targeting, and forecasting into one simple package that is easy to scale.

Teiffyon Parry, Executive VP, Global Demand at Smart AdServer