Sinch launches Conversation API enabling omni-channel consumer engagement

Conversation API Cloud communications company, Sinch, has launched Conversation API, an omnichannel communication product that enables businesses and technology platforms to create rich and engaging conversations with consumers via widely used messaging channels including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, SMS, MMS, RCS, chatbots and more.

Integrating Conversation API is a one-time effort that saves time and the development costs of working with each channel separately. It also adheres to channel-specific regulations and country-specific compliance in the areas of consumer privacy and engagement criteria.

Two-way conversations

The business benefits of conversational messaging are significant. Businesses have increased conversion 30 to 50% vs. more linear communication by email or standard SMS campaigns. Some have greatly reduced costs by moving conversations from voice, webchat and apps to messaging which is more cost-effective, has higher reach, and provides a better user experience.

For example, food delivery leader iFood has seen a 71% conversion and 80% acquisition cost reduction for new restaurants through conversational messaging over WhatsApp.

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Mobile messaging and channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messaging and RCS have a 98% open rate compared to the average email open rate of 25%. Such channels enable conversations between business and consumer; so Sinch also offers automation of two-way conversations via its leading chatbot technology, The company also provides managed services for customers who want further assistance to fully understand and maximize engagement on mobile channels.

The Sinch Conversation API gets businesses closer to their customers through industry-leading intelligence via message routing, transcoding and conversation AI as well as personalization that comes through one contact profile, conversational context, and rich media.

SinchAt its core, excellent customer communication is about having meaningful and effective conversations with customers so that companies can meet their needs. A reliable and productive conversation leads to improved customer satisfaction, faster response times, increased loyalty to brands, and reduced effort from the customer. Conversational AI will play a critical role for companies to realize these benefits.

Ritu Jyoti, IDC Program Vice President

SinchThe real value in the Sinch Conversation API comes from the ability to develop personalized and intelligent conversations with consumers by engaging with them where they find it most convenient. And in such a rapidly changing environment, the Sinch Conversation API is next-gen channel ready: companies will automatically have access to even more through the API as they grow their customer bases around the globe.

Vikram Khandpur, Chief Product Officer, Sinch

Sinch powers mobile customer experience for 8 of the top 10 tech companies as well as thousands of other businesses and technology partners reaching customers locally and globally.