Ericsson and Sinch strengthen mobile messaging partnership in readiness for 5G

Cloud communications and software for mobile operators company, Sinch, has been selected by Ericsson to support its worldwide 5G rollout with messaging technology. Sinch’s SMSF (SMS Function), a cloud-native 3GPP-specified messaging product, will be incorporated into the Ericsson core network offering.

In 5G, SMS will continue to support person-to-person (P2P) and application-to-person (A2P) messaging and will further be extended to support new use cases, including Internet of Things (IoT).

In IoT, SMS is the trusted communication method for devices that require intermittent connectivity and where device battery preservation is of the essence. The GSMA’s Mobile Economy report (released today)  suggests that the number of global IoT connections will more than double to almost 25 billion by 2025, while global IoT revenue will more than triple to $1.1 trillion.

Of the billions of IoT devices expected to come online in the coming years, many will rely on SMS throughout the IoT and 5G network rollout.

As a global leader in Messaging, Sinch develops technology both for mobile operators and enterprise customers. For mobile operators, the new SMSF product further expands Sinch’s messaging product portfolio and strengthens Sinch’s position as a messaging partner. For Sinch’s many enterprise customers, who rely on the company’s global network of direct operator connections to engage with their customers, the announcement highlights the company’s unflinching commitment to operator messaging services.

The agreement with Ericsson builds on the existing partnership for Ericsson’s Messaging in One (MiO) portfolio, which to date has seen Sinch deliver messaging products to twenty Ericsson mobile operator customers throughout the world. The first deliveries of the Sinch SMSF as part of Ericsson’s core network are expected to take place during 2020.

The SMSF is an important part of the 5G core network that will help drive new operator revenues from the explosive growth in connected IoT devices”, concludes Anders Olin.

Anders Olin, President and Chief Operating Officer, Sinch

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