Case study: WorldRemit gets smart with digital assistant from ServisBOT

Quick Stats:
  • 60% of live chat queries deflected to self-service
  • 140,000 digital assistant interactions a month
  • 30% engagement on digital assistant support page

International digital remittance provider, WorldRemit, enables five million customers to securely and quickly transfer funds to dependents in over 150 countries. Operating 6,500 money transfer corridors worldwide, WorldRemit allows for smaller regular payments for recipients via mobile money, bank deposits, cash collection, and mobile airtime top-ups.

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced traditional money transfer agents to close, new customers, who had never used a digital money transfer service before, placed a heavy demand on the customer support team. WorldRemit wanted to help people to easily find answers, without simply pointing them towards a multi-page FAQ on the website.

Because of the sheer volume of calls we were receiving during lockdown, we needed to move away from having an agent on the phone with a customer, talking them through the process, especially when they were repeatedly answering the same questions.

Justin Sebok, Senior Product Manager at WorldRemit

Bot chat

WorldRemit selected conversational AI platform providerServisBOT, to create a digital assistant that engages with customers and resolves common queries at scale on both the website and its mobile app.

Once common questions were successfully being answered via the digital assistant, WorldRemit added self-service options providing real-time information about queries such as tracking refunds, checking transfer status and options for resolving related issues such as uploading a driving license for identity verification.

The first version of WorldRemit’s digital assistant was up and running within two weeks.

The limited screen space on mobile phones presents a challenge when delivering customer service through a mobile app. WorldRemit found that the in-app digital assistant makes better use of the screen space because customers self-select the relevant questions and are automatically presented with brief responses. Alternatively, they are directed to the right information, rather than being forced to scroll down through a long list of FAQs on a tiny screen.


Costs are down, satisfaction is up

The ServisBOT conducts about 140,000 interactions per month. Of these interactions about 60 per cent of those who engage with the digital assistant don’t need to speak with an agent, rather they are pointed to useful information and self-service features on the WorldRemit website. The remaining 40 per cent are escalated to a live agent using a transaction ID.

Channelling 60 per cent of enquiries to self-service has dramatically reduced service costs for WorldRemit, improved customer satisfaction and reduced the pressure on customer service staff.

When customers are directed to upload a document or complete a specific task, they report a higher level of satisfaction than if they are simply directed to an FAQ page, where they have to search through lots of information to answer their query.

WorldRemit’s customer service agents have also welcomed the introduction of the digital assistant, as routine queries being handled by the ServisBOT allows them to address unique customer issues more effectively. And where previously agents had zero downtime between calls, they now have time to breathe.

The main focus has been on perfecting the first digital assistant to meet the immediate customer service requirements resulting from lockdown. WorldRemit is now exploring how the ServisBOT platform can be used to keep customers updated on outages experienced by mobile network operators, or any of WorldRemit’s other international money transfer partners.

We know that whenever one of our partners experiences an outage, this results in a higher level of live agent chats than the 40 per cent that we see normally. This data presents a huge opportunity to more actively identify issues and use the digital assistant for more timely and contextually relevant communication with customers, through channels they prefer.

Justin Sebok, Senior Product Manager at WorldRemit