Case study: ZiMAD secures app revenues with Scalarr

Quick Stats
  • Scalarr detected 13,163 fraudulent installs in Q1 2021, where 5,937 invalid installs were identified as ad manipulation.
  • Fraudulent installs amounted to 4.24% of ZiMAD’s total installs.
  • More than 58,000 installs were marked as invalid traffic, worth $38K

ZiMAD In 2020 mobile game developer and publisher, ZiMAD, saw a surge in demand for new content and mobile apps. Accordingly, the company ramped up its user acquisition strategy, testing new traffic sources, regardless of size and quality, including performance DSPs, API networks, and OEM traffic from game centers.

The company noticed suspicious behavior from recent installs, signaling artificial involvement (fraud) rather than human interactions.

Invalid installs 

ZiMAD brought in app install ad fraud company, Scalarr, to yield hard evidence from its intelligent dashboards and report to demonstrate the scope of the problem to traffic providers.

During the first quarter of 2021, ZiMAD was able to obtain a refund of $29,032 from more than 13,000 installs and 5,937 invalid installs of ad manipulation that Scalarr had flagged as fraudulent.

Scalarr’s anti-fraud suite of products can work as a robust, parallel layer of protection that allows advertisers and mobile developers to cover their bases from all fronts and have more confidence in their user acquisition efforts.

ZiMAD also used Scalarr’s recently introduced Invalid Traffic report and was able to detect over 58,000 invalid installs during the first quarter of 2021. The estimated loss of these installs had they gone unchecked amounted to more than $38,000 dollars.

The Invalid Traffic report helped save approximately 40 hours per month that were previously invested by ZiMAD to ensure all traffic came from legitimate locations and was correctly targeted by performing manual research without any special tools.

2020 was certainly the year for user acquisition and most players in the mobile apps industry aggressively searched for new traffic sources to meet the increasing demand for new content and new mobile apps. Unfortunately, that meant not every client was getting quality traffic; instead, ineffective traffic plagued with fraud was the most common instance. Our goal is always to rain on fraudsters’ parades, so our solutions are fully equipped to deal with this type of scenario.

Yuriy Yashunin, CPO, Scalarr