Scalarr: The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Ad Fraud Types 2.0

App install fraud company, Scalarr has released an updated version of its “Ultimate Guide to Mobile Ad Fraud 2.0” report which offers a detailed look into the world of mobile ad fraud and how it’s gravely impacting the advertising industry.

In 2019 specifically, fraudsters have demonstrated new and sophisticated ways to attack marketing budgets. Case in point is the recent discovery made by Scalarr of a new fraud type called Complex VTA Spoofing, a fraudulent technique that was going unnoticed by traditional anti-fraud solutions. In fact, Scalarr’s data analysis of one client estimates that Complex VTA Spoofing could be affecting up to 60% of attributed paid installs in specific campaigns.

The report lists all fraud types, its effect on the advertising industry and how to fight back.

Given the wide coverage of app install fraud, it’s nearly impossible to dub any ad network as absolutely trustworthy – instead, ad networks can only be differentiated based on the level of fraud rate. As we gear into the last quarter of 2019, there are still a lot of companies who don’t treat the fraud issue thoroughly – which is a sure recipe for fraud exposure, vulnerabilities, and severe money losses. And you never want that for your business.

Inna Ushakova, CEO and Co-Founder of Scalarr

Download the guide here.

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