Two-thirds of consumers think mobile delivers a better shopping experience

A new report from mobile and IoT management firm, SOTI, indicates that 67% of consumers think mobile technology is the most effective way to provide a faster shopping experience. Additionally, more than three-quarters (76%) want in-store staff to use mobile devices to provide a better in-store experience, while one-third (32.6%) are unwilling to sacrifice personal data security to improve their in-store experience.

The report, – From ‘Bricks to Clicks’: Navigating the Retail Revolution surveyed 4,000 respondents across the US, UK, Germany and Sweden, to gauge their opinions and readiness to engage with retail IoT and mobile technology as part of an omnichannel retail experience.

Other findings include:

  • 31.4% of consumers say they’re comfortable with emerging delivery methods such as delivery drones and more than one-quarter (26.9%) with the idea of autonomous vehicle delivery.
  • Nearly half of consumers (47.1%) believe self-checkout improves their in-store shopping experience.
  • Trust levels are rising. Consumers in the U.S. (19.4%) and Sweden (20.2%) have similar comfort levels when it comes to delivery drivers entering their home via a smart lock to leave purchases inside.
  • Excitement about innovations like facial recognition and beacon technology is higher among males (44%) and the 18 to 34 age demographics, presenting a valuable opportunity for retailers to engage with this group.

Retailers need to implement modern strategies to stay relevant and wake up to the fact that consumers want mobile and IoT technologies which enhance and personalize the shopping experience. It’s essential that retailers integrate these business-critical technologies into their business to ensure they can deliver the speed, convenience and customization that employees and customers expect.

Shash Anand, Vice President of Product Strategy, SOTI