Consumers made 108% more purchases in-app than on the mobile web this holiday season

M-commerce is projected to overtake e-commerce globally this year, showing how important it is for marketers to get ahead of their mobile strategies. Mobile partnership platform, Button, analysed millions of transactions that took place in the Button Marketplace over the 2018 holiday season in its Button 2019 Mobile Commerce Report: Holiday Analysis, to uncover how that shift is taking place, in-app and on the mobile web.

Key findings from the  include:

Capturing mobile intent through app users: Consumers are shopping more in apps than on mobile web and are willing to download new apps to make those purchases.

  • Over the 2018 holiday period, shoppers made 108% more purchases in-app than on mobile web and were making more repeat purchases and spending more in-app than on mobile web.
  • Compared to the rest of 2018, app installs rose by 108% over the holiday shopping season—demonstrating the heightened willingness amongst shoppers to download new apps.

Engaging power shoppers: Marketers who focus their mobile efforts on acquiring new shoppers and turning them into power shoppers are going to win in 2019.

  • Seven out of 10 shoppers in the Button Marketplace during Cyber Week were new users, and one-third of those new users came back to shop again, after Cyber Monday.
  • Power shoppers who last shopped within 30 days of Cyber Week accounted for 22%of sales generated over the holiday period, made more than six shopping trips, and completed purchases two times more than average shoppers.

Driving mobile offers on the right products to the right customers at the right times: By understanding the right times to provide offers and incentives to consumers, marketers will be better equipped to unlock incremental mobile app revenue. Shoppers started their holiday shopping early by browsing and buying on Thanksgiving morning; mobile sales of electronics spiked at midnight on both Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday while mobile sales of toys spiked on Cyber Monday.

We’ve seen a trend of brands turning to Button to optimize their existing mobile traffic, and as importantly, to connect to new sources of intent, unlocking a whole new performance channel that reached $1 billion in mobile commerce driven in 2018. Increasingly, brand spending is shifting to performance spending, empowering brands to acquire and engage customers and drive their business growth with mobile.

Michael Jaconi, co-founder and CEO of Button