PM Connect Profile PM Connect is an award-winning provider of in-demand mobile content, monetised through Direct Carrier Billing (DCB). Founded in 2012, the firm now processes over six million payments per month, reaching 680 million consumers across the world. Through over 70 mobile carrier relationships worldwide, PM Connect’s solutions allow mobile users to purchase and instantly access lifestyle and sport content, tickets and major OTT services, with charges placed on their phone bill.

Group CEO James Macfarlane founded PM Connect straight out of university, setting out to unlock the mobile opportunity – connecting global brands to new audiences and placing premium content in the palm of consumer’s hands.

Based in Birmingham, UK, with a workforce of 52 employees – its reported sales reached £19.3m in the year to February 2018, a 59% increase in the past three years. Continued innovation and global growth has recently seen PM Connect named Best Merchant at the Global Carrier Billing Summit Awards in October 2019 and Best Enterprise Solution in November 2019’s AppsAfrica Innovation Awards.

The company’s client list now includes sporting giants WWE and NBA, as well as leading sports data provider Opta – driving growth across Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa.

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