OpenMarket goes all-out on messaging fraud with RealNetworks

Real Networks and OpenMarket have announced a new initiative to identify and counter fraud in the US and UK. Preceding a global rollout, OpenMarket will start by implementing a UK pilot deployment of Kontxt™, a machine-learning platform for next-generation A2P messaging from RealNetworks.

Global and local enterprises increasingly rely on mobile messaging to help consumers with authentication, marketing, and other customer engagement, ranging from flight status notifications to restaurant reservations. However, as messaging fraud becomes more complex and highly fragmented, spam texts are now a growing threat to both consumers and organizations.

RealNetworks’ Kontxt will enable OpenMarket to curtail these unwanted messages and counter the evolving threat of SMS fraud. Applying advanced machine-learning algorithms, Kontxt identifies the origin and intent of messages, even when message metadata is spoofed or otherwise misrepresented.

Using a range of parameters and policies, the platform then groups these messages into “classes” – or categories – which allow aggregators, mobile network operators, and intercarrier networks to prioritize, route, and even price messages accordingly, providing the highest level of service to subscribers and to business enterprises.

Following our collaboration to develop the Global A2P Code of Conduct, our partnership with RealNetworks’ Kontxt furthers our commitment to protect consumers from intrusive messages while preserving brand relationships with customers.

Ethan Gustav, OpenMarket Global Vice President of Sales and Marketing

This collaboration between Kontxt and OpenMarket safeguards not only consumers but also mobile network providers and organizations in the next generation of messaging. We’re excited to partner with OpenMarket and we look forward to accomplishing further innovation together.

Max Pellegrini, President of RealNetworks