Ogury launches Video Chooser to help consumers select the ads they want to watch

Ad-tech company, Ogury, has launched Video Chooser, a delivery mechanism for video ads that provides users with the choice of up to three brand ads to watch. The user selects their preferred brand and watches the selected full-screen video ad.

Advertisers only pay for an impression if a user sees their video and have the option to buy all three ad spots an advantage for brands that want category exclusivity and own share of voice.  Advertisers in the Beta program had on average a 300% increase in ad recall.

The most important performance metrics for video ads are Video Completion Rate (VCR) and Viewability, but all too often, advertisers have to sacrifice one for the other. Uniquely delivering high Viewability and VCR, Ogury measures video performance via Viewable Video Completion Rate (V2CR), which is calculated by multiplying VCR with Viewability.

Video Chooser delivers 72% V2CR, which Ogury claim is the highest available, excluding rewarded videos in gaming.

The adtech industry has entered into a new Era of Digital Integrity, fully centered on consumer choice when it comes to how data is collected and used…Video Chooser is a game-changing ad format, allowing users to control their advertising experience. This deepens their trust in our brand while also increasing engagement and memorability.

Phil Sloan, SVP, Business Lead, Canvas Worldwide