VidMob: Male millennials will drive TikTok growth

A new study from VidMob has found that male Millennials are set to drive the greatest growth on TikTok with over one in four (27%) planning to use the app more often, nearly 2X the response of Gen Z users (15%). Overall, excitement about the app is high with two-thirds of regular TikTok users (67%) expecting to maintain or increase their usage in the coming year.

According to the study of UK TikTok users, male Millennials demonstrate the highest levels of engagement on the platform. Not only are men aged 24-40 more likely to join TikTok live streams — with a third (34%) doing so in the past month — but previous participation in hashtag challenges is also higher than other cohorts, especially for the 25-34 age group (23%).

Frequent users

When it comes to frequency of use, the younger Gen Z audience leads the way. More than four-fifths (82%) of respondents aged 18-24 claimed to be heavy users, accessing the app at least once a day, compared to 71% and 64% of male and female Millennials respectively. This younger cohort also has the highest rate of saving and sharing content discovered on TikTok, particularly female Gen Z users, with a large majority (86%) claiming to do this.

Male Millennials, however, still have the strongest tendency for regular interaction, with a quarter (25%) frequently reposting videos to other apps. They are also the most likely to be inspired by advertising, making up almost half (49%) of users that have made purchases after clicking on a TikTok ad, which is a positive signal for brands looking to engage with this audience on TikTok.

Purchasing power

Overall, there is a positive inclination for all users towards purchasing directly on TikTok: just over a quarter are open to buying via the app, with willingness at its highest among female Millennials (33%).

A significant buying influence across generations is brand purpose and perceived alignment with “good causes”, which sways purchase decisions for two-thirds (66%) of users and proves especially influential for four-fifths (78%) of female Gen Z users.

Brand power 

Results also indicate that the value of brand power and presence shouldn’t be underestimated. More than three in 10 (31%) male and female Millennials are actively engaged with brands on TikTok, and branded content has notable influence on Gen Z with content type and quality impacting buying choices for almost three in five (57%) female Gen Z users.

Our study illustrates the importance of advertisers knowing and understanding their audience. User’s interaction with content, including ads, is markedly different on TikTok to other environments and is hugely varied between age groups. Insights such as these pave the way for brands to maximise their engagement with each user and shape future creative campaigns in-app.

Stephanie Bohn, Global Chief Brand Officer at VidMob