Unity Technologies: Mobile game in-app purchases up 24% under lockdowns

According to a new report released today by Unity Technologies, there has been an increase of nearly 50% in daily active users of HD games due to COVID-19.

The report – a cross-platform study focused on COVID-19’s impact on consumer gaming from Jan to mid-May – indexes the year-on-year change in player​ behaviors in games, and how games have performed as stable revenue generators during a global economic crisis.

Key findings include:

  • More people are playing than ever, with a 46% daily active user increase in HD gaming and 17% increase in mobile gaming
  • Weekend and weekday differences in gaming behavior narrowed globally by 63%
  • Microtransactions have grown, with In-App Purchase (IAP) Revenue growth for mobile games increasing by 24% since the pandemic was declared
  • Mobile gaming ad impressions increased by 57% and ad revenues increased by 59% for the weeks following March 8, 2020 as compared to the timeframe in 2019
  • Mobile gamers are installing more apps than ever, with the number of installs increasing by 84%

UnityThe reality is more people are gaming, and this captive audience is not only engaged for longer periods of time but also spending in-game at rates typically seen around the holidays. With ad experiences that offer higher interaction rates, games offer a nearly unparalleled action-oriented consumer that will be critical for brands as they look to resuscitate sales in the second half of the year.

Julie Shumaker, VP, Advertiser Solutions, Unity Technologies