Uberall: 75% of UK shoppers use their smartphones to search for stores ‘near me’

 Uberall, has announced the results of its holiday ‘near me’ survey (1,000 smartphone users in the UK and US) to assess how often shoppers conduct searches such as ‘perfume shop near me’ or ‘pizza restaurant near me.’  The study found that near me searches are a popular consumer tool for finding their favourite retail outlets.  It also found that ‘near me’ searches have a ripple effect on locating supporting businesses like banks and restaurants.

  • 75% of UK shoppers have conducted a ‘near me’ holiday search.  In the US it’s 83%
  • Almost two-thirds of UK Christmas shoppers searching for restaurants ‘near me’.
  • 66% of the UK respondents said they were also likely to conduct a ‘near me’ search for local fast-food outlets and restaurants while out Christmas shopping. In the US the figure was even higher, at 77%
  • ‘Near me’ searches for the nearest bank or ATM while shopping stood at 46% in the UK and 54% in the US.

The popularity of ‘near me’ searches amongst British shoppers presents a fantastic opportunity for brands to entice more customers. If retailers can ensure their branches show up in these local searches, they can attract more shoppers to their doors and take more money through their tills during this crucial holiday season.

Daniel Mathew, vice president, UK at Uberall.

Brits are also more likely to buy directly from their smartphone. When UK shoppers were asked how they would use their smartphones to help them shop during this Christmas, the top five responses were:

  • 82% said they buy items directly via their mobile device.
  • 80% use their phone to compare prices.
  • 74% research products on their phone.
  • 71% use their device to check opening times.
  • 48% use their phone to search for coupons, offers and deals.

While UK consumers are keen to use their phones to look for information and inspiration, they are not as enthusiastic about leaving reviews that could be useful for their fellow shoppers.

The study found that just 26% of UK shoppers have left a review of a shop across sites such as Yelp, Facebook, Google, Foursquare, Instagram and others. US consumers are slightly more likely to share their opinions online, with 30% stating they had left a review.

Online reviews have a major influence on prospective customers; indeed, Moz estimates that 68% of customers admit that reviews make a difference to their purchasing decisions. Brands need to find ways to encourage their existing customers to share their experience online. Rather than leaving this to chance, this should be formalised in their overall marketing strategies.

Daniel Mathew, vice president, UK at Uberall.