Two in five consumers want to look at their data post GDPR Day

A new study by Veritas Technologies, indicates that two in five (40%) of consumers intend to ask for information relating to their personal data in the six months following GDPR Day on May 25.

Under the new GDPR, EU residents will have greater control over their personal data. Currently, EU residents already have the right to ask a company what personal data is held on them (e.g., gender, age, location, sexual preference, religious beliefs, passport/ driver’s licence information, etc.) and beginning May 25, 2018, they will also have enhanced rights to ask to have their data deleted (‘right to be forgotten’). Businesses will be required to sufficiently respond to these requests within one month of receiving the request.

Consumers are most likely to target the following industries with personal data requests:

  • Financial services companies (56%), social media companies (48 %), retailers (46%), former, current or potential employers (24%), healthcare providers (21%).
  • Of those that intend to exercise their rights, 65% plan to request access to the personal data a company holds on them and 71% will exercise their right to be forgotten under the new regulations.
  • 56% don’t feel comfortable having personal data sit on systems that they have no control over while 56% want to understand exactly what personal information companies hold on them.
  • 47% will request personal data and/or have that data deleted, if a company that holds their personal information suffers a data breach.
  • 37% intend to exercise their data privacy rights because they do not trust companies to effectively protect their personal data.

The findings come as consumers reveal an increasing need to regain control over their personal data as trust in businesses to protect data fades, and as more and more consumers express a desire to put organisations to the test to understand whether they value consumer rights.

In light of recent events surrounding the use of personal data by social media, and other, companies, consumers are taking much more of an interest in how their data is used and stored by businesses across many industry sectors. With a flood of personal data requests coming their way in the months ahead, businesses must retain the trust of consumers by demonstrating they have comprehensive data governance strategies in place to achieve regulatory compliance.

Mike Palmer, executive vice president and chief product officer, Veritas.

Commissioned by Veritas and conducted by 3GEM, the study surveyed 3,000 adults, including 1,000 in the UK.


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