TV streaming subscribers are spending £300m a month

According to a survey of 2,0000 UK adults by price comparison site,, over 17 million Brits (41.1%) are subscribed to a TV streaming service spending an estimated £17.75 per month each on them and netting £303.16 million to streaming service providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now TV.

  • Netflix is dominating the UK market, with 59.7% subscribed to it. Amazon Prime came in second, at 47.5%, followed by Now TV (27.2%), TV Player Plus (4.0%) and Hayu (2.2%).
  • While almost 2 in 3 Brits (64.5%) are subscribed to just the one service, there’s a number of us who are subscribed to more than that.
  • London also had the most people using three or more services, at 10.3%. The North East followed this (9.9%), then the East Midlands (9.6%).

TV streaming is becoming the norm for many households across the UK. But with seemingly cheap monthly costs, it can be easy to spend more than you realise if you sign up to several providers.

Jon Ostler, CEO of

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