The gender pay gap in the technology sector is huge

In its latest study, analysed pay data from 11,500 UK professionals to find out more about gender inequalities within the technology industry. Results show two major gender gaps related to pay and representation in certain jobs within IT.

  • The biggest gender pay gap (28%) is at technology firms with less than 10 employees. Without established salary grids, HR processes and scrutiny from the media and regulators, pay inequalities are not addressed in smaller companies.
  • Across all company sizes, the ratio of women to men remains desperately low, with only 3 women out of 10 technology employees.
  • With the lowest pay gap (3%) in all technology jobs, and the highest median salaries (£58,000), product management roles are currently the best chance of equal pay for women in technology.

It is not intuitive that the technology sector, a trailblazing, forward-thinking industry, should be lagging in terms of gender pay gap. The financial sector has shown that regulation and co-ordinated action can make a systemic difference from graduate applications to board of directors ratios.

Alice Leguay, co-founder and CMO, Emolument

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