Savvy smartphone users want digital shopping assistants to help them choose shoes

Connectivity is driving two major shifts in how people shop. The ongoing surge to use smartphones to pay for goods and services is leading to a second shift involving the use of digital shopping assistants, according to Ericsson’s most recent study: Beyond smartphone shopping – the rise of smart assistants.

Soon smartphone users will rely on digital assistants in their phones for aspirational shopping support, while simultaneously driving the use of smart home speakers for automation of routine household purchases.
  • 63% of smartphone shoppers want help with price comparisons – a likely role for a home restocking assistant via a smart speaker.
  • 48% want help making shopping decisions easy – a likely role for a personal shopping advisor or chatbot.
  • 69% of AR and VR users think these technologies will give smartphones all the benefits of physical stores within 3 years.

The report is based on a survey of advanced internet users in ten influential cities globally. The sample makes up only a fraction of shoppers worldwide but was chosen because the digital technology used by these respondents puts them at the forefront of the fundamental changes we see sweeping retail around the world.

When consumers start employing AI to automate everyday purchasing, this will create demand for IoT enabled sensors as well as a need for people to connect appliances in their homes.

Michael Björn, Head of Research at Ericsson Consumer & IndustryLab

The report presents insights based on an online survey (carried out in January 2018) of 5,048 advanced internet users in JohannesburgLondonMexico CityMoscowNew YorkSan Francisco, São Paulo, ShanghaiSydney and Tokyo. Respondents were aged 15 to 69 and fit the profile of urban early adopters and represent 50 million of the 180 million living in these cities.

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