Retailers want omnichannel but lack the skills

A new report published by Brightpearl finds retailers regard omnichannel as a priority yet only a few claim to have mastered it.

352 US retail leaders were interviewed for the report which indicates that over 90% of retailers and brands have an omnichannel strategy or plans to invest in one soon. In addition, 87% of retailers agree omnichannel is critical or very important to their business success. However, only a small segment (8%) believes they have mastered omnichannel.

  • Just 12% of retailers believe they have the right technology in place to support their omnichannel strategy.
  • Over half of retailers consider their omnichannel approach a “Work in Progress” and 19% Say it’s a “Struggle” or a “Pipedream. 74% are dissatisfied with their strategy execution and progress
  • More than six out of ten survey respondents say the key payoff from implementing omnichannel successfully is to provide better customer service.

Customers are demanding, competitors are relentless in their pursuit of customer acquisition, and operational challenges abound as retail extends beyond brick and mortar to include online sales driven by mobile commerce. Disruption in retail is greater than all most all other industries.

Derek O’Carroll, CEO of Brightpearl

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