RCS messaging boosts in-app purchases for SONIC drive-in restaurants

Communications provider, Mobivity, has released the results of an RCS Business Messaging pilot with the drive-in restaurant chain, SONIC®. The campaign which broadcasts RCS messages to consumers inviting them to download it’s branded app, targeted more than 3,500 locations.

Importantly, the campaign was not associated with offers, discounts or other incentives (to establish a benchmark for RCS messaging as an engagement channel).

Topline results from the campaign include:

  • Five times as many app downloads versus previous MMS mobile messaging
  • A three times higher app registration rate versus typical downloads from MMS recipients
  • A 50%  purchase rate from people who registered on the app

Our initial results with Mobivity’s program were impressive, especially since we were using a new technology and no offers or incentives. We look forward to expanding this digital approach with Mobivity to further drive customer engagement and frequency within our digital channels.

Kim Lewis, VP of Digital Strategies, SONIC Drive-In