Mobile games spend is three times more than console and PC

Mobile gaming first overtook both home game consoles and PC and Mac gaming for highest consumer spend in 2014.  Since then mobiles’ lead has only widened.  According to App Annie’s latest report, Gaming Spotlight 2017 Review, mobile game spending was 2.3 times that of PC/Mac gaming and 3.6 times home game consoles, leaving mobile as the clear leader.

  • Games generated nearly 80% of combined iOS and Google Play app spending in 2017 even though games garnered less than 40% of total app downloads worldwide.
  • The top two grossing games on both iOS and Google Play in 2017 featured live PvP gameplay, demonstrating that hardcore-leaning multiplayer elements aren’t just possible on mobile devices, they’ve already proven popular and lucrative.
  • Most of the increase in mobile, PC/Mac and handheld console game spending in recent years has been driven by rising demand in Asia-Pacific, most notably in China, Japan and South Korea.

In a sign of the changing times, future Pokémon titles won’t be delivered on Nintendo 3DS/2DS: the extremely popular RPG, which has been a core 3DS/2DS franchise, will target Nintendo Switch and mobile devices in future releases.

If there was any doubt that mobile had disrupted the traditional gaming industry, those doubts should now be put to rest.

Matt Miller, industry analysis manager at App Annie

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