Leanplum: 75% of millennials will delete an app when bombarded with unnecessary notifications

Multi-channel engagement platform, Leanplum, has announced the results of a new study on consumer sentiment toward brand communication. According to the report, brands primarily fail because they send too many and irrelevant notifications, while brands like Facebook, Wells Fargo and Bank of America are the best at communicating with their users.

Highlights of the study include:

  • The number one reason people delete apps is too many and irrelevant notifications clogging up their inboxes and notification feeds. Across all generations, from Gen Z to Baby Boomers, the most common reason to delete an app was because of copious notifications.
  • 75% of millennials are deleting apps that annoy them with unnecessary notifications. Brands are consistently having to navigate the fine line between keeping their users informed and notified while being sensitive to over-communicating.
  • From a list of popular companies, participants selected Facebook, Wells Fargo and Bank of America as being the best at communicating with their users. Over 30% reported that they like to receive notifications for financial alerts and over 25 % think that Facebook does the best job at communicating with their users.
  • Email isn’t dead, people just have a preference for when and how they like to be notified. 46% of respondents reported that they prefer to receive notifications in the form of email, while only 15% prefer push notifications.

Through our research, we are finding more and more that email is stronger than ever before. Because email is so accessible on our phone, it is being used in combination with push notifications, allowing for brands to craft communications with their users that are thoughtful, personalized and based on the unique characteristics of each customer.

Momchil Kyurkchiev, CEO and founder of Leanplum

The full study can be downloaded here.