IHS Markit: 41% of smartphone owners watch long-form content out of the home

The smartphone has taken a major step in its evolution from a voice-centric device to a media-centric platform, with 53% of owners now using their device to access video services on a monthly basis, both in and out of the home, according to a new global survey from IHS Markit (now part of Informa Tech).


  • Video-service usage varies widely among different countries, ranging from 42% of smartphone owners in Germany to 73% in India, with users globally viewing an average of 3.5 video services per month.
  • Of the six markets surveyed, respondents in India were most likely to watch video content out of the home at least once a day and access 5.9 video services monthly, the highest of any country surveyed . Viewing rates are similar for live and on-demand content, with Indian respondents most likely to engage in both viewing types.
  • In Brazil, two thirds of Internet users claim to watch video content out of the home on a monthly basis, with similar rates of viewership seen across live and on-demand content. 73% in Brazil select long-form content types as their most watched out of home, higher than any other market.
  • Films are most watched on mobile devices out of the home with 41% selecting it, while TV shows lead in nearly all other markets.
  • YouTube is the most accessed video service on smartphones across all countries. More than 80% of people who use smartphones for video access are using them to watch videos on YouTube on a monthly basis.

Smartphones increasingly are transforming into multipurpose platforms—moving beyond voice communications to become media entertainment systems.  As a result, video has become a key component of mobile strategies with smartphones adopting larger screens, more processing power and better picture quality. Wireless carriers now are bundling video services with data plans, a trend that’s likely to accelerate with the launch of 5G.

Fateha Begum, associate director, IHS Markit | Technology