Health apps and wearables are displacing gym visits

New research by WeMa Life has uncovered the number of people using technology to examine, manage and improve their health.  It found that almost a third of its 2,000 respondents use health apps every week, with 21% doing so instead of visiting personal trainers or gyms.

In more detail:

  • 28% use health apps on a weekly basis, up from 23% a year ago, rising to 44% among 18-34-year-olds.
  • 61% say health apps help them to incorporate healthier practices, exercise techniques or mental health tips into their daily life.
  • 25% also own a piece of wearable technology to monitor or manage their health.
  • 21% say they now use online videos, apps and wearable tech instead of going to the gym or seeing personal trainers.
  • 46% think technologies are going to reduce the UK’s reliance on public healthcare and 39% of Brits favour using search engines over going to see a pharmacist or GP.

Not only does HealthTech improve people’s knowledge of their mental or physical wellbeing, but it’s also vital in connecting consumers with health and care businesses or medical professionals. In doing so, it’s clear that apps and online tools now have an important role to play in bridging gaps and filling cracks within the wider healthcare sector.

Rohit Patni, CEO and co-founder of WeMa Life

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