Half of all TV and video content will be viewed on mobile devices by 2020

According to Ericsson,  traditional TV and mobile screen viewing are set to reach parity by 2020, with 50% of all TV and video viewing taking place on either smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

  • The amount of video consumed on mobile devices would have increased 85% since 2010 with smartphones accounting for almost a 25% of mobile viewing, an increase of 160% since 2010
  • The average time spent watching TV and video content has reached an all-time high of 30 hours a week through a combination of linear TV, live and on-demand internet services, downloaded and recorded content, and DVD and Blu-ray
  • Despite this, nearly 60% of viewers now prefer on-demand viewing to linear viewing – an increase of around 50% since 2010

We can see that consumers are not only watching more video but also changing how and when they do so. This is also shown through the continued growth of mobile viewing, which has been a booming trend since 2010.

 Anders Erlandsson, senior advisor at Ericsson ConsumerLab

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