Gartner: Most consumers have underwhelming digital experiences

Across all industries, at least 84% of consumers say their experiences with using digital tools and services fall short of expectations, according to the latest Gartner Digital Consumer Experience Index

To gauge the current state of consumers’ perception of key characteristics of their digital experiences, Gartner conducted an in-depth survey of their engagement with and reactions to common digital use cases across 11 industries. Those digital use cases included actions such as placing a retail order, submitting a service request to a bank, purchasing life insurance, paying a government bill, and checking the status of healthcare benefits.Areas of digital satisfaction under the spotlight were consumers’ level of trust, perceived ease of use, and benefits received, such as saving time or money.

  • Most organizations do not meet consumers’ expectations. In banking, the best-performing industry, only 16% of respondents rate their digital perceptions in the top quartile of the index.
  • Differences in adoption by age or generation are also key insights for experience design. The survey found that at least two-thirds of millennials use retailers’, manufacturers’ and utilities’ digital services.
  • Ease of use is a critical element of a positive experience. Retailers and banks have invested in simplifying the user experience with chatbots or improving cart abandonment rates for example. Those efforts have panned out in relatively higher consumer perception for ease of use. Consumers who are current and past users of governments’ and life insurers’ online services and tools perceive them to be more difficult.
  • Banks enjoy the highest level of trust among consumers. Yet skeptics remain as 18% of those consumers who choose not to use bank’s online services say it’s because they “don’t fully trust them.” Similarly, for governments and retailers, 20% of nonusers point to lack of trust as their reason.

Customer focus is a top business priority for CEOs and subsequently a large investment area for CIOs. Despite these efforts, consumers report significant gaps in enterprises’ ability to make digital experiences easy, to earn their trust, and to deliver desirable results.

Brad Holmes, managing vice president at Gartner