FICO: European telcos lag in their use of advanced analytics and AI

A new global survey from TM Forum and advanced analytics software firm FICO shows that European telcos and communication service providers are lagging behind the rest of the world in their use of predictive models, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

In critical areas such as fraud detection, collection and personalisation, fewer European respondents are using advanced analytics to improve results than in other regions.

  • 11% collect and analyse data streams in near real-time, and make full operational use of data across every customer touchpoint compared to 20% globally.
  • 21% use adaptive models and continuous machine learning to detect fraud when customers are opening an account compared to 27% globally.
  • 21% use self-learning customer profiles that flag up unusual behaviour in near real-time after account opening compared to 31% globally.

Mobile operators are under pressure to become data-driven to improve their decision-making and profitability. As they start to explore artificial intelligence and machine learning, CSPs need to take a holistic approach and find opportunities and use cases across the customer lifecycle. This is how the battle for customer loyalty will be waged.

Mark Newman, chief analyst at TM Forum