eyeo: Consumers accept the ad-funded internet but want a fairer value-exchange

The internet is necessarily ad-funded. New research from eyeo, makers of Adblock Plus, Flattr and Trusted News, confirms that this sentiment is recognized among 80% of online users in the UK.

The research which polled over 2,000 British online users  indicates that users want control of their online experience and expect a transparent value exchange on advertising. It also found that consumers are willing to accept less invasive forms of advertising in exchange for retaining control of their internet experience. And that building a fairer value exchange will not only lead to better engagement among users but will also create greater scope for future revenue opportunities among publishers and advertisers alike.

  • 71% per cent of UK adblocking users have downloaded an adblocker because they don’t want to see ads during their online experience
  • 49% have installed an adblocker over concerns surrounding security and privacy
  • 89% of adblocking users place importance in publishers making sure their ad policy is clear, providing honesty about the products and services they promote, avoiding misleading or offensive content, and never compromising user privacy.

It’s clear that online users want a fairer value exchange with publishers and advertisers. Many are willing to accept advertising to keep the internet free but only for ads which are relevant to them. Savvy publishers are readily buying into this, developing better, high-quality forms of sustainable advertising and hopefully these insights will serve to educate others.

Ben Williams, Director of Advocacy at eyeo