EU telecoms ministers agree 5G mobile network roadmap

In a meeting held in Estonia, EU member states representatives on the Telecom Council have agreed to a plan that would see 5G being rolled out across European cities by 2025. The European Union roadmap effectively establishes common ground on the harmonisation of radio spectrum bands and how they will be allocated to mobile network operators,  paving the way for mass deployment of 5G across the EU.

  • This roadmap complements the new EU telecom code, which plans to make 5G spectrum-sharing easier and boost connectivity.
  • The initial declaration setting out the EU’s 5G ambitions was signed by the UK government in July, even though it is scheduled to leave the EU before the first 5G networks are deployed in earnest in early 2020.
  • It is likely that the UK will align its future telecoms policies very closely with the EU’s after Brexit.

With the roadmap, we agreed on plans for harmonising the technical use and purpose of the 5G spectrum and the allocation to telecommunications operators. It is no secret that a digital Europe is a priority for the Estonian Presidency, however, a digital society cannot be created without 5G networks.

Urve Palo, Estonian minister for entrepreneurship and IT

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