Conversity: three-quarters of consumers rely on online reviews for purchases

More than three-quarters of UK shoppers (79%) use peer review sources such as Amazon reviews and Trustpilot at least once before making a purchase decision, according to research conducted by retail technology firm Conversity.

Amazon is the most popular source for customer reviews, with 56% of respondents stating that they consult it when deciding which products to buy. Google (39%) and Trustpilot (34%) made up the rest of the top three.

The findings underline the continued importance of word of mouth and the opinion of others for most consumers and that maintaining consistent, personalised experiences is key in taking full advantage of positive customer feedback.

Moreover, providing personalisation means moving beyond a purely product-focused approach to one that acknowledges different individual needs, motivations and preferences with new technology platforms that enable intelligent guided selling through un-intrusive questioning and the inclusion of peer reviews.

As online, mobile and social media-enabled shopping continues its upward rise, the importance of peer review and the power it holds over consumers has never been more significant. This means that retailers should be looking even more closely at how to improve their customer experiences. Impersonal ‘product listing’ on digital channels is no longer enough to raise sales and help retailers to stand out from competitors. Instead, companies should humanise their digital presence, which means recognising customer needs and the true significance of their mindset ‘in the moment’.

Sarah Cameron, Director of Customer Experience at Conversity