Consumer adoption of retail apps doubles

Mobile shopping continues to grow and it’s retailer’s mobile apps where it’s all happening, according to new data from the Synchrony 2018 Digital Study  As well as browsing and buying, product reviews, coupons, shop locations and the ability to store and use credit cards are increasingly popular app features.

  • Consumers use four retailer apps on average on their phone, more than double 2017.
  • 67% of consumers have downloaded a retailer app, more than half of whom to gain access to a coupon or discount offer. Nearly half of consumers that have downloaded a retailer’s app use it for purchases.
  • 67% believe that by the year 2025 mobile wallets will replace physical ones.
  • 53% said they have card service features within the app. Of this group, 77% rated the features extremely/very valuable.

In today’s competitive landscape, a mobile application is not just another piece of technology for retailers, it is a vital tool to engage shoppers with their brand. Done well, retail apps engage both in and out of stores with personalized experiences and easy credit solutions.

Maya Mikhailov, SVP, CMO, GPShopper, a Synchrony company