Connected consumers are switching on voice commerce

According to the second annual How We Will Pay study from Visa and, in just one year, ownership of voice-activated assistant devices has nearly doubled.

The study found that over a seven day period, more than half of consumers made an online purchase in more than half of the categories tracked (e.g., groceries, clothing, etc.), citing the main reason as a desire to save time and eliminate the friction associated with buying and paying in the physical world.

  • Ownership of voice-activated speakers surged by 88% year-over-year. Groceries (five percent) and food delivery (four percent) were the most popular categories in which consumers used voice-based commerce to purchase goods.
  • Saving time (77%) remains the leading reason to use connected devices for payments, followed by 74% who said the convenience “improved their quality of life.”
  • With contactless payments increasingly becoming the preferred way to pay at checkout around the world, U.S. consumers cited a desire to tap to pay over swiping a card for the speed and convenience contactless card payments deliver. Nearly two-thirds also said they are familiar with the contactless payment symbol, indicating you can tap to pay with a contactless-enabled card, phone or wearable device.
  • With the growing use of and dependence upon connected payments, concerns over data security and privacy were up by 11% last year.