Chatbots are the main concern for digital decision makers

Chatbots are still the digital trend that is considered most important for organisations to embrace in the coming months, according to a new survey of 500 digital decision makers from digital agency Code Computerlove. More than six out of 10 of respondents said that Chatbots would be important to their organization in the next five years, and 28% said that they would be introducing Chatbots into their business in the next 12 months.

  • Just a quarter of businesses currently use Chatbots as part of their digital practice.
  • Mobile Payments were the second most popular response. More than half (55%) claim Mobile Payments are an important solution for future advancement.
  • Voice assistants (47%) and Augmented Reality (35.5%) came third and fourth on the list.
  • The trends considered least important for the next five years were Virtual Reality and Blockchain.

As with all trends, their implementation often depends of how far along the digital transformation journey an organisation is and how Omni channel their operations are. Knowing what technologies and tactics to invest in can often be the biggest challenge facing decision makers, but more and more businesses are tackling this with a product thinking approach that helps to make these decisions clearer.

Tony Foggett, CEO, Code Computerlove