Brands will decrease programmatic ad spend over fraud and safety concerns

According to QueryClick’s latest report – Programmatic Ad Fraud Transparency’– 22% of brands plan to decrease their programmatic advertising spend because of concerns over costs or performance, while 41% of advertisers admitted they have lost trust in programmatic advertising as a result of ad fraud.

QueryClick surveyed 150 heads of marketing, e-commerce and digital at major UK brands with revenue of over £100m.

  • 40% of advertisers believed that more than half of their adverts placed online in the last 12 months had been seen by people, while just 7% said they thought the proportion viewed by humans rather than bots was 80% or more.
  • As a result those surveyed plan to decrease their programmatic ad spend, 46% said they blamed the lack of alternative technology options (alternative ad buying platforms or DSPs) in the market, 41% blamed a lack of transparency over how much the programmatic ads costs, 39% said that it was due to a lack of transparency over which sites their ads would be placed
  • 80% were worried that their current programmatic processes would lead to their adverts appearing next to terrorist or extremist content.

Recent studies have put the cost of digital advertising fraud as high as $31bn. That makes digital ad fraud not just more costly than any form of cybercrime, but more costly than offline crimes such as counterfeit goods and payment card fraud.

QueryClick managing director, Chris Liversidge

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