Bogus video inventory is costing publishers $3.5 million a day

A study involving 16 publishers including Business Insider, Mail Online, The New York Times,  and Wall Street Journal and DSPs, Amobee, Google and Quantcast found that publishers are losing up to $3.5m a day to counterfeit video inventory. This figure, which is based on a $5 per video CPM, means publishers are losing out on up to $1.27bn a year.

  • The total available inventory across all exchanges for the 26 domains found video callouts were overstated by as much as 57 times the available inventory, representing around 700m counterfeit callouts per day.
  • Display advertising, inventory was overstated by four times, with daily counterfeit callouts in the billions.
  • In an effort to combat this fraud, publishers and DSPs alike have thrown their support behind the IAB’s ads.txt initiative, which provides standardised way of authorising inventory.

If the industry is going to seriously take on counterfeit inventory, publishers need to immediately get behind ads.txt otherwise this problem will linger and continue to hurt both brands and publishers.

Jana Meron, vice-president of programmatic and data strategy at Business Insider.

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