App Annie: Consumers spent $20 billion in gaming apps in Q3 2020

App Annie Mobile data and analytics platform, App Annie, has published its Q3 Index findings for gaming apps. Record numbers of consumers turned to mobile games to stay entertained and connected with friends amidst the global pandemic this past quarter.

In Q3 2020, the average weekly downloads in mobile games across the app stores hovered around 1 Billion for the second straight quarter, an increase of 15% year-on-year.

By the end of 2020, consumer spend in mobile gaming is set to extend its lead over desktop and home console gaming to more than 2.8x and 3.1x, respectively.

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Consumers downloaded 14 billion gaming apps in Q3 

On iOS, customers downloaded over 2.6 billion games in Q3 2020. Game downloads on Google Play grew 20% year over year, amounting to around 11 billion downloads in Q3 2020, accounting for nearly 8 of every 10 games downloaded across the app stores. Mobile gaming accounted for a higher share of overall downloads on Google Play than on iOS at 45% and 30%, respectively.

From a genre perspective, games tuned for casual gamers were the most downloaded this quarter — led by Hyper-Casual, Puzzle and Simulation genres.

Growth in the Casual Arcade genre was led by multiplayer standout Among Us!, while the Core Simulation genre was led by City Construction Simulator: Forklift Truck Game.

In the UK, Q3 2020 total downloads for games on both Google Play and iOS amounted to 231.9M.

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Consumers Spent Over $20 Billion in Mobile Games in Q3 2020: Both app stores saw strong growth in consumer spend during the quarter with consumers spending 5% more on Games in Q3 2020 than in Q2 2020.

From a genre perspective, games for core gamers saw the largest share of consumer spend this quarter, led by RPG and strategy genres.

Growth in the RPG genres was led by Pokémon GO, while the strategy genre was led by Rise of Kingdoms. Both RPG and strategy genres also led the growth in quarter-over-quarter consumer spend, followed by core sports and core simulation games.

Growth in the sports genre was led by Professional Baseball Spirits A, while the core simulation genre was led by Disney: Twisted-Wonderland.

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Top & breakout games of Q3 

My Talking Tom Friends, launched in June 2020, continued to experience strong download growth during Q3 2020, reaching the #1 spot, up six positions from the previous quarter.

Hyper Casual Games continue to dominate the top downloads chart, with four out of the top ten games belonging to this mobile-friendly genre.

Despite being launched more than two years ago, a Casual Arcade game Among Us! was the second most-downloaded game globally, driven largely by the surge of game streams on video platforms such as Twitch and its unique team-based multiplayer gameplay. In Q3 2020, the game jumped to #3 by average monthly active users globally, topping the charts in markets such as the UK.

Pokémon GO has claimed the #1 spot for Top Grossing Game this quarter. Daily revenue peaked in late July and early August 2020, a level not seen since the game’s launch four years ago.


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COVID-19 has reshaped society as we know it, and mobile games will continue to fuel demand for new downloads and consumer spending.