ABI Research: Biometrics, foldable displays, 5G and multiple camera devices will drive the smartphone market

The smartphone market is continuously experiencing growth and change, despite an overall level of saturation. Features such as fingerprint on display and multiple cameras are starting to enter the market, while others such as foldable displays and 5G are due to appear next year, all of which are expected to experience significant growth.

In its latest report, Emergent Mobile Device Technology Trend Analysis ABI Research has taken a deep dive into the smartphone features that will drive the smartphone market in the years ahead. 

  • By 2027, over 248 million smartphones will ship with a foldable display in 2027 and over 1.4 billion smartphones will ship with 5G capabilities.
  • Smart biometrics (such as facial recognition, iris scanning, voice AI, vein recognition, and fingerprint on display (FOD) are beginning to enter the market. FOD will increase in popularity between 2018 and 2027 with over 553 million smartphones incorporating the technology by 2027.
  • Dual-cameras are increasingly a flagship feature, most recently Apple’s iPhone X, Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and Note 8, Xiaomi’s Note 5, and LG’s V30. The first smartphone with three rear camera sensors (40MP color, 20MP monochrome, and 8MP zoom lenses) was released in March 2018—Huawei’s P20 Pro.
  • Foldable displays will appear on the smartphone market in 2019, most notably via the rumored  Samsung’s Galaxy “X”, followed by Motorola’s new RAZR, improving the overall user experience by allowing multiple apps to be open at the same time. By 2027, most major vendors will have launched a device with the functionality and it is expected that over 248 million smartphones will ship with a foldable, or flexible, display.
  • 5G will also appear in 2019 and become the connectivity standard for most smartphones by 2025. It will increase video call and video streaming quality, AR experiences, and instantaneous cloud connections.

In order for vendors to offer smartphones that stand out while creating differentiation, they must continue to develop and offer new transformative features that provide consumers with new, unique and innovative ways in which to interact with their devices. Advanced features such as smart biometrics, multiple cameras, foldable displays, and 5G will totally transform how we interact with, and use our smartphone.

Stephanie Lawrence, Research Analyst at ABI Research