69% of fast food marketers plan to increase the use of location data in the US

More than two-thirds of fast-food restaurant marketers in the US, plan to increase their use of location data over the next two years, according to research commissioned by location intelligence company, Cuebiq. The research, conducted  among North American marketers and CRM managers in large companies, also found that:

  • 58% said they were likely to use location data for competitive intelligence- the top-ranked choice.
  • 64% believe that their companies are in the early stages of creating marketing campaigns that link online and offline behavior while 56% said they are in the process of evaluating or already using location data.
  • 69% agree that location is key to understanding why and how customers interact with businesses. while 62% found that location-based data has been useful or relevant in improving marketing performance.

Loyalty programs have rarely gone beyond reward points based on purchases. However, knowledge about what other services customers value opens the door to more effective loyalty programs that can vary by locale and merge with co-branding, shopper marketing and other partnership arrangements.

Antonio Tomarchio, CEO of Cuebiq