MoEngage and Apptopia report: COVID 19 App winners and losers

Businesses across all verticals are reeling under the impact of the global pandemic. The use of Apps during these times, perhaps more than any other technology, mirrors the ways in which consumer behaviour has changed.

A global study published by MoEngage and Apptopia, reveals that while most app businesses are hit, others are surviving and some even thriving amidst the crisis. The study, covering data generated by over 1.5 billion app users using over 60 mobile apps in 12 verticals, reveals that, in particular, travel & hospitality and ride-hailing, have been hardest hit while others, like social media and video streaming apps, have made big gains.


Online shopping – long way to go for Southeast Asia

North America and India have seen a 90% and a 40% increase in active users respectively, on online shopping apps – particularly for daily services. On the other hand, consumers in Southeast Asia are still hesitant to shop online where conversions have plummeted to their lowest.

Travel & Hospitality

The onset of the slump in each geographic region varies. While Europe and Southeast Asia show an early downward trend in mid-February, the United States, and India show a late downfall in early to mid-March coinciding with travel lockdowns in individual countries.

The airline industry in Europe is most affected with a 40% drop in downloads in the last 30 days, compared to the rest of the world.

Top hotel chains and OTA apps have seen a major drop-off in downloads of more than 30% and 37% respectively in the same time period.

Video Conferencing Apps are zooming ahead

With mandatory work-from-home and social distancing policies in effect, the Video Conferencing sector has seen the most exponential growth. Zoom is leading, showing strong growth in most parts of the world in last 30 days: US (+601%), India (+1913%), Indonesia (+4139%)

Houseparty (which combines video chat with games) saw record 5 digit growth in downloads in key geographies: Spain (+53026%), Italy (+5500%), UK (+1021%), US(406%), India (+8198%).

Media & Entertainment

There has been a major upward trend for news apps worldwide during late February, early March timelines. This coincides with the total increase in the number of COVID cases worldwide. (200% rise in total downloads and viewership).

The Entertainment industry has also seen a late yet sustained upward bloom in downloads and daily active users, around mid to late March. Disney+ (March 14), Netflix (March 19), Amazon Prime (March 20).

North America & EU: Netflix and Disney+ drive growth for the industry

China and Southeast Asia: It’s Netflix vs iQIYI vs V Live, as all 3 apps show good growth in downloads and DAU

India: Netflix, Amazon Prime on the rise as Disney owned Hotstar takes a hit.

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